Performing Improv Ensembles (P.I.E.)

Commit, connect, learn, rehearse, perform, improve, repeat…

Leela’s Performing Improv Ensemble Program offers experienced improvisors the rare and valuable opportunity to develop their skills by becoming an active member of a committed ensemble for 11 consecutive weeks (or more).  Under the guidance of a highly experienced and educated improvisational theatre director, P.I.E. members have the invaluable opportunity to learn, rehearse, and perform together on a regular basis.  Each Performing Improv Ensemble is audition-based and limited to 8 people (adults only, 18+).

Upon completion of the 11 week commitment, select members are invited to re-commit to their ensemble by signing up for another 11 week commitment.  Auditions are scheduled quarterly to allow new members to join and current members the flexibility to take breaks, vacations, and participate in other projects.  This balance of commitment and flexibility allows Performing Improv Ensemble members to stay committed to one another over time, thus creating a tight-knit high quality ensemble while building their own unique audience.

Performing Improv Ensembles require a $550 contribution per quarter (11 weeks).  This allows Leela to sustain by helping to pay for rehearsal and performance space, marketing, management, director’s fees, and other administrative costs.

P.I.E. Work-Study Opportunities

Each Leela Performing Improv Ensemble includes 1 work-study Production Manager position.  The Production Manager receives a 50% discount ($275.00) off of his/her quarterly contribution in exchange for P.I.E. promotion/production work.  Production Manager applications can be found in the audition packet.

P.I.E. Program Audition Details

Leela is searching for playful, honest, committed, intelligent people with strong improvisational acting skills for several new *Performing Improv Ensembles (P.I.E.).

Our next audition is happening Sunday, January 9, 2022.

If you would like to be considered please e-mail your Headshot via JPEG or PNG file and Actor’s Resume via PDF file (see examples below) to [email protected]  Once we have your information we will contact you with all of the relevant audition information and e-mail you the audition packet.

*You must have completed Improv I, II, III, & IV (current Improv IV students okay) at Leela to be eligible to audition.  If you are auditioning for Leela’s Musical P.I.E.  Program you must have completed Musical Improv I, II, and be currently registered for and/or have completed Musical Improv III.

Here is an example of a Headshot (via JPEG or PNG file) for your reference:

Here is an example of an Actor’s Resume (via PDF file) for your reference:
Download an editable version of this template here: PAGES FILE or WORD DOC. Be sure to submit a PDF file, not a Pages file or Word Doc.