Thank you for registering for Leela’s online class.

Please review the following before logging on:

– Use a computer if possible, rather than a mobile device.  Use the Zoom app on your computer rather than the browser version of Zoom.  If your circumstances allow, set yourself up in a space where you can make noise and move comfortably.  If you only have a mobile device, it’s still possible to join us – but your screen space may fill up for you, the larger the class size.

– Test your camera.  Make sure there’s enough light in the room for you to be easily seen.  Prop your computer up at a height which allows you to be on camera.  We will have times in class where we encourage you to stand and move around, as well as times you will be seated.  Do what you can in your physical space to allow for both sitting and standing/moving around.

– If possible, use headphones with a microphone.

– Mute your microphone when not speaking.

– Dress in clothing that allows you to move freely.

– Put your phone on airplane mode or in another room, and turn off alerts on your computer

– give us your full focus.

– When your screen name comes up below your video image, click on your name and follow the drop-down menu to “RENAME.”  Type your first name and pronouns here.  Example: Jill (Pronouns she/her/hers).  This allows us all to call you by your correct name and pronouns.

– If you have trouble seeing or hearing (or being seen or heard), here are some troubleshooting steps:

  • try signing off, and signing back on again.
  • try re-starting your browser or computer.
  • check your internet connection.  Try restarting your internet if necessary.

– All that said: treat disruptions in the technology as opportunities to practice responsiveness and presence.  If the video freezes or there is a long pause, try taking a few mindful breaths, rolling your shoulders or neck, or closing your eyes to re-center.  Be gentle with yourself as we all adjust to this new way of being together.

How to setup Zoom for online events:

Step 1: Go to and create a new Zoom account (personal) for yourself. To do this click on the “SIGN UP, IT’S FREE” button in the top right hand corner of the page.

Step 2: Once you have setup your new account download and install “Zoom Client For Meetings” – you can download this here:

Step 3: Once the Zoom app is installed go to your applications (or programs) and launch the Zoom app. Always login to zoom this way instead of using your internet browser. Zoom runs better this way.